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UPDATE Hack the Fire Stick with KODI – Jan 2017 Jailbreak

Watch details Kodi Addons on Amazon special deal

Here's an updated video for anyone that was having issues installing Kodi on to the Amazon Fire Stick.



In this video I will show you step by step how to install Kodi onto a fresh Amazon Fire Stick. I will also show you how to get back to the Kodi application once you turn off or unplug the Fire Stick.

If you would like to see more videos about Kodi and the Fire Stick, leave your questions in the comment sections and I will do my best to answer them!


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  1. Paige Gleason says

    my issue is when I go to install its asking if I want to update. when I do select install it just goes to not installed

    1. Abby says

      Same here! Please help!

  2. Katie Barr says

    Is there a hack to get the little circle icon off the right of the screen?

    1. will4918 says

      Katie Barr turn the floating widget off and that should fix the problem

    2. Katie Barr says

      will4918 how do I go about doing that?

    3. Jonathan Turner says

      Katie Barr Look up JETthePeacemaker Kodi, he’ll tell you how.

    4. Katie Barr says

      Thank you.

  3. Miguel Carmona says

    I installed it and cant play movies or nothing..

  4. william mclaurin says

    DO it works if you have directv ?

    1. Cecelia Wilson says


  5. Meredith Macak says

    I don’t see Jarvis. It’s only krypton or Leia. Can someone tell me where to find Jarvis?

    1. goldmineken says

      Meredith Macak I’m having the same problem

    2. Meredith Macak says

      I watched another video and ended up just getting krypton. Got it to work just fine after that.

    3. jarka1361 says

      Meredith Macak to

    4. brayden stephany says

      what vid

    5. Richard Lockovich says

      Go down to the bottom of the page and click on OLDER RELEASES !!! Select–ANDROID Then—ARM/ Then—kodi-16.1-Jarvis-armeabi-v7a.apk Then–install

  6. ShayLeKiss says

    16 is no longer available only shows 17 and 18?

    1. David Aman says

      Carl Short I just tried again. I installed kodi-16,1-Jarvis-armeabi-v7a.apk I then launch kodi and add source then I go to system/addons/install from zip file/fusion/begin here… and the only plugin that appears is “ my firestick version is

    2. David Aman says

      ok, got it. added the plugin.program.indigo then programs/program add-ons/indigo/add on installer/featured addons/exodus go back to videos/add-ons/exodus and boom, back in business. thanks for your help!

    3. Carl Short says

      David Aman Excellent, well done for persevering! I’m just trying it out on 17, the interface looks so slick. Looks like my old HTPC will be resigned to a cupboard now.

    4. PrtyKey says

      David Aman thank you so much! I was like wait!!!! It doesn’t have what I need! Lifesaver! lol

    5. Dustin Beaudry says

      It most deff is available just scroll down a little bit more and click “Older Releases”. If you’re installing on the Firestick simply click Android. Then Arm then the bottom option Armeabi-V7a.apk. Problem solved.

  7. Meochia Davis says

    That version is no longer available only v180 Leia and Krypton? now what

    1. Shawn Bass says

      Meochia Davis I have the same problem. what do we do?

  8. linda pelletier says

    ive installed kodi by following these tutorials on youtube 3 times now. I am trying to reinstall for the 4th time but when i get to the favs in es file explorer there is no “jarvis” release on the website. only krypton and the nightly build. can someone please help me?

    1. Jonathan Turner says

      linda pelletier Search for JETthePeacemaker Kodi, and he’ll response to you if you need more help.

  9. Merissa Kania says

    Nothing pops up when I go to “featured ad dons”

    1. Carol Correia says

      Merissa Kania same here

  10. Alan Freeman says

    If i want to download a newer version of Kodi do I need to delete the old one 1st? Thanks for the info.

  11. Kendric Owens says

    My kodi only has 17.0 krypton. Is that ok?

  12. PHPistols says

    Kodi page comes up but no Jarvis on the page, just krypton and leia…. Help!

    1. Jonathan Turner says

      PHPistols Search for JETthePeacemaker Kodi, this video helped me.

    2. PHPistols says

      Did you install Krypton instead of Jarvis then?

    3. Jonathan Turner says

      PHPistols I watched the JET guys video and he showed me how to do both.

    4. PHPistols says

      I see, I’ll have to give it another shot then. But last night when trying it, I’d go to the Kobi page and scroll down and it only had on the page Krypton and Leia. I tried finding Jarvis and couldn’t…

    5. Jonathan Turner says

      PHPistols Yeah you have to use the other releases option at the bottom for Jarvis. Don’t remember the steps but it’s on his video.

  13. Kandra Marie says

    I don’t have JARVIS to select from?? ­čÖü

  14. swish swosh says

    Nice one mate. I just bought a fire stick having used kodi on my laptop for about 18 months. I first downloaded the new Kodi 17…big mistake. its useless. stick with Kodi 16.1 Jarvis. so I reset my fire stick and downloaded the 16.1 Jarvis. it is available if you click old builds on Kodi website. downloaded that no problem not put Ares wizard on it. happy days. I’m staying away from Kodi 17

  15. Stephanie Barrios says

    Do you need a credit card on ful to download es explorer

  16. Crystal Marshall says

    you said on the bills it would say Jarvis mine says leia

  17. Brad Kelley says

    i downloaded the wrong one and i dont know how to delete it

    1. marciano capinpin says

      Brad Kelley i just rested to factory and started over

    2. Brad Kelley says

      ok, thank you. i finally figured it all out. it seems to be working ok.


    es Explorer is not saying download it’s saying get after I did the steps

  19. Karen Yamaha says

    I get stuck on the “add on installer step” around 6:50.. the add on installer option does not appear on my screen… help?

    1. fred yen says

      Check out my newest video for updated instructions

  20. Alisha Francis says

    it dosent give me the options to jarvis. only krypton and leia

    1. fred yen says

      Please check my newest video. It has all the updated info

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