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kodi iptv


When contacting Kevin you will need to put FREE TECH somewhere in the email to get the best prices. comment below if you have any problems and the price list is just below.


subject: Free Tech … or start the message with free tech

PRICE LIST: 1 Month IPTV [No Adult] £10

1 Month IPTV [Adult] £10

1 Month IPTV&VOD [Adult] £15

1 Month IPTV&VOD [No Adult] £15

6 month ALL Channels (NO ADULT) £20

6 month ALL Channels (ADULT) £20

6 Month IPTV&VOD [Adult] *Multiroom* £40

6 Month IPTV&VOD [No Adult] *Multiroom* £40

6 Month VOD Only [Adult] £20

6 Month VOD ONLY [No Adult]£20

6 months ALL CHANNELS + VOD (ADULT)£30

6 months ALL CHANNELS + VOD ( NO ADULT) £30

6 Month IPTV&VOD [Adult] – ZGemma Recording Enabled £35

6 Month IPTV&VOD [No Adult] – ZGemma Recording Enabled £35

12 month ALL CHANNEL + VOD (ADULT) £45

12 month ALL CHANNEL + VOD ( NO ADULT)£45

12 month ALL CHANNEL ( NO ADULT) £35

12 month ALL CHANNEL ( ADULT) £35

12 Month IPTV&VOD [Adult] *Multiroom* £70

12 Month IPTV&VOD [No Adult] *Multiroom*£70

12 Month IPTV&VOD [Adult] – ZGemma Recording Enabled £65

12 Month IPTV&VOD [No Adult] – ZGemma Recording Enabled £65

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  1. Frsncis Stirling says

    Hi I have the smart iptv on my smart TVs will I still be able to get this

    1. andsel11 says

      Free Tech hi no I’ll try him again now

    2. Free Tech says

      Have you updated the list recently. ?

    3. andsel11 says

      Hello again
      How do I update the list ?
      Also Not sure if you can give some Advise, but every time I try to watch a live footy stream it’s freezes after 30 seconds so I have to open another stream then go back to the match I was watching and after 30 seconds it freezes again
      This happens to every match I watch and is so frustrating 
      If I watch a movie or normal tv is fine but as soon as a footy match starts it freezes
      I’ve also got GSE IPTV on my iPad and that plays flawlessly 
      My smartiptv is an app on my new Samsung 4K
      Are there any setting that stop the stream ?
      Hope You can help or advise

    4. Free Tech says

      Sometimes the servers need updating or changing. so with smart iptv you need to re add your m3u list and this will refresh your iptv on the smart iptv app.
      It’s sometimes hard for bpl games as sky constantly block them. Do you use a vpn.

    5. andsel11 says

      Free Tech ok I understand about updating the list now
      No I don’t use a VPN
      Should I ?
      If so how do you do that on a TV ?

  2. peter russell says

    Thank you very much, for another great video. Please keep making them, you are very easy to follow. Not like a lot of other, videos people make.

    1. Free Tech says

      +peter russell
      As long as I get great feedback like you and many others have given I won’t be going nowhere ?

      Thank you

  3. peter russell says

    Brilliant mate.

  4. Nita Kamdar says

    Hi Adam, the channels have been down since last night, 25th Oct, any idea when they will back up and running? Cheers, Nita.

    1. Free Tech says

      +Nita Kamdar
      Hi which channels?

  5. tom miller says


    Im bran spanking new to this and dont have a clue what to do? I have downloaded and installed the smart iptv app and have the MAC code, did manage to to get to but dont know how to get the email from kevin or even to email him my self to set it all up? Please help

    1. Free Tech says

      +tom miller
      Hi. I have a competition to win 6 month free subscription. Just comment and like the giveaway video.

      Otherwise you can look in the description below and all Kevin’s details are in there. But worth having a go on the competition also.

      Anything else you want to know just let me know bud.

  6. northeastbushcraft says

    hi, just messaged him, hope this is a great service, as since the open box v8s boxes went down through satalite tv i havent bothered with them, just sreamed, so hopefully ill be bk up and running very soon, thanks for this vid pal, really easy to watch, atb john

    1. Free Tech says

      Oh 100% it’s better than streaming. But for the open box I’m not sure if the file is written to give a channel list. I use firestick as it seems the most consistent.

    2. Free Tech says

      Also forgot to mention I have a competition running at the moment for 6 month free iptv. Just comment great video and make sure you subscribe. Gets drawn Wednesday.

    3. northeastbushcraft says

      cheers for getting bk ta me pal, ive emailed him but not had a reply ?? can you get in touch cheers , ill send you my email address in a personal messgae, cheers,

  7. Rebecca McCarthy says

    Hi I’ve purchased the 6 months and its buffering terrible I’ve sent him a video as it’s unwatchable. He said I can do something to the buffering and to contact You? 🙂

    1. Free Tech says

      What is it your watching it on?

    2. Rebecca McCarthy says

      Free Tech amazon firestick and the app smart iptv I have sky fiber broadband. X

    3. Free Tech says

      is it the older firestick or the newer 1 with voice recognition?

    4. Rebecca McCarthy says

      Free Tech it’s the new one with voice recognition 🙂

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