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Sports & Live TV IPTV APK

Firestick and ALL devices, NO KODI! Sept 2017

Hey guys Techdoctor here and what is it we see on the screen are you telling me we can access these thousands of thousands of channels from around the world on our first take or any Android device with no buffering and no adverts that’s right guys I think it’s a fantastic apk so that’s per normal let me give you a quick overview affair and I’ll give you the exact steps on how you can install it so with that being said let’s get started so the application is called live net TV and I’m going to be doing this demonstration on a second-generation fire stick so we just start that up so guys we know as with most apks it just works a lot easy if you have the mouse toggle so Buell’s are showing you how to do that okay so we can see the application has a really nice clean layout so you have the categories along the top and they have the channels in each of those categories underneath sometimes the categories we have lots and lots hey guys so we’ve got entertainment news sports South Indian Portugal movies German Filipino Afghan Punjabi Australian French documentary music Nepal kids Wrangler cooking and funny religious and under these categories guys we literally just have first scroll down you can see under the entertainment category for example there’s literally just pages and pages of channels from around the world and so on a fire stick you will need to have a third party player installed so I’ve installed MX player okay so for example one watch one of these so let’s say we want to see let’s try a TV okay so one of the good things about this a b ches is muster channel to give you multiple links said one of the links is not working hopefully one of the other links should be okay so let’s just try the first link here okay that starts playing pretty much straight away let’s stop that so obviously guys not gonna be going through all of these channels but I’m just trying to show you you know how much content there’s on there now I did mention before this has a very large sports section so I just go back to the top and under sports you see literally you know sports channels from all over the world lots of lots of content in there guys and all the stuff that I tried it just worked straight to waste if we just try some of these let’s try some Sky Sports cricket till we got five links there let’s try the HD link hey that’s working straight away let us go back not sure why that was quick here but okay let’s try some football let’s try link to its car that’s working fine let’s stop that let’s try some tennis looking good so guys you can see hundreds and hundreds of channels from all over the world and pretty much you know everything I’m clicking on is just working I’m just gonna enable my mouse now so I’m gonna double press the play button yeah there we can see it you can see with their mouths you can just use us easier to click on the different channels you know you can swipe up and down hey some of the movie channels let’s try it yeah that’s working fine and stop there one of the other things you can do guys because I’m obviously we are talking thousands and thousands of channels here once you do find channels that you’re regularly watching we can use you can mark them as favorite so if you hold down on a channel save option to add to favorites so let’s add this to favorites let me just see how you do that on a fire stick so if I yeah okay so because if I click this and hold again you have the option of adding to favorites and lastly let me disable the mouth struggle okay so if I just have the normal controls if I again hold this down let’s get this category mistrust in the news in case if I hold this down yeah you get the option so even without the mouse toggle you can’t add chance to favorites so once you have the channel list built up of all the stuff that you regularly watch or you can do then is when you start the app is going to the favorites which is this hot icon in the in the beginning here and then here’s are the channels that you’ve marked as favorites you can quickly access them click on them and watch them die any problems okay let’s stop that so in summary guys I would say this is a fantastic apk it gives you thousands of channels from around the world pretty much everything I’ve tried is working straight away you’ve got a great sports section so really what’s not to like let me give you the steps now how you put this onto your Android device and then on to your fire stick okay so to install this onto your Android phone Android tablet or Android TV box open up a browser and navigate to this address which is HTTP colon four slash four slash bit ly ford slash TD UK IPTV zero five this is a direct link to the AP cases so as soon as you type that in click on go this will commence the download okay to on download it out click on download and that starts to download okay once that’s done click on open click on next and then click on install and just a gentle reminder guys if you are finding these videos useful do hit that thumbs up and please subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest apks the latest builds and the latest add-ons thanks and that’s not all we can click on open and here is the apk guys okay so to install on a five stick it’s gonna be a four-step procedure step one is to make sure you go to your settings device options developer options and make sure these two options are set to on if you’ve been installing apks for a while they’ll probably be on anyway but just double check that and make sure the bird set is on and that’s step one done step two is to download an application called downloader again you probably have already got this installed but if you haven’t just press left on the remote on the home screen click on search and then search for the app downloader once you see that click on that click on download and that shouldn’t have be ready to use to get the mouse toggle you need to navigate to this address in download R which is HTTP colon four slash four slash bit ly four slash tdu kms so type that in and click go this will automatically begin the download of the mouse toggle apk he didn’t set install sir press down and to the right click install and now click open so when you’re going to Mouse toggle you’ll see that the two options at the top are both enabled which means that we’re neighboring the mouse service and this automatically star every time you face firestick starts the key thing to look out is at the bottom where it says status we sort of make sure that says started its once I started then we know we’re ready to use our mouse to get the MX player onto your first egg use the download replication and navigate to this URL which is HTTP colon forward slash forward slash bit ly for /td UK ms 0 – just type that in and click on go when you get to this page use the remote you’ll fire stick to come down and click on the latest version you see here at the time this video is door 7 let’s click on that this will commence the download cake click on next and click on install click on done ok let’s delete the apk click on delete again and still on the same website if you scroll down we don’t need to get a codec for MX player so press down a few more times ok say here under codecs you want to click on this one here which is the one for arm v7 let’s click on that now and click on install so you now have the MX player and the codec needed to run it that’s all done ok and finally to install the LifeNet TV APK user download application again and navigate to this URL which is HTTP colon forward slash bit doe ly /td UK IPTV 0 v so type that in and click on go this will automatically commence the apk download ok press down and click on install okay that’s now done we can click on done and make sure you go back and delete the apk this will give you a space back on your file stick okay click on delete again okay that’s now install said the way we get that if you go back to your home screen now if you don’t add that to your apps and games the way we do that is if you navigate to the right click on see all if you scroll down if you see the new application here here it is and now if you press the hamburger menu on your remote and select that option to move to front this will move it to the top of your application list that’s it guys I hope you find that video useful give me a thumbs up if you did comment below let me know if this worked for you and please subscribe for more content thanks again for watching guys oh and if you’re interested in VPN if you click on that link on the bottom left you’ll get a great 46 percent discount if you are worried about your privacy and you want to stay safe online I do recommend you check out our VPN thanks again guys see you on the next one

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