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Miss The Echo Wizard? Give Indigo For Kodi and SPMC A Try!

indigo config wizard

Written directions:

If you were an Echo Wizard user and are looking for a new Kodi addon installer, Kodi Maintenance tool, give Indigo a try! Indigo can easily help you keep your copy of Kodi clean and help you install addons such as Phoenix, Exodu, and UK Turks!

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I am in no way affiliated with Kodi or any of its addons. This video is for informational purposes only.

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  1. Andrew Ciupka says

    Great video. I use it myself. I’m sure others will appreciate it like I do your vids lol!

    1. Mooch The Stream Machine says

      Thank you sir!

  2. d williams says

    Indigo is sh%#. TvAddons installing stuff without your permission again. This time it’s snuck in from exodus. Ever since they took a it over indigo appears on my build and I went out of my way to not have anything tvaddons 2 yrs ago. Suddenly indigo appears.

    1. Mooch The Stream Machine says

      I know a lot of people hate TVA. I personally am indifferent and like to show whatever is out there and let people make their own decisions.

  3. Paul Ricard says

    can you tell me what custom keymaps are

    1. Paul Ricard says

      thanks for the info good job on the tutorial

  4. Mad Sin says

    mainly use it for the auto clean feature on my builds. I don’t nt use any other feature lol.

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