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Simple Client - FiX No TV Menu

This is for those who can’t see the TV menu including if you cannot see this TV menu on your Cody can be for several reasons one is a few misspelled the path of the IPTV URL list or the list have no active for a valid links another answer to this is a corrupted or damaged files Cody himself or you may have to clear the cache to fix this you should go to system settings and disable TV option now go to Athens my addons MPV our client’s and now set up a new PVR in this case of IPTV simple client now disabled and configure the new clients choose the location and then placed a correct m3u playlists in the EPG settings the same thing set up the EPG time sheriff with your Coordinated Universal Time if you going to add channels long ’cause case the correct URL now enable the PPR client and reboot your body is needed then go to system settings enabled the TV menu and at the same time you should see propagating the channel list if not try with a fresh Cody install also some internet providers and block some channels it’s also another high possibility to happen but outside the scope of this video again you find a link in the description of this video

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