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kodi iptv

WhatsApp: +31 657 389 599
Skype: hdiptvtr
Samsung smart tv iptv Lg smart tv iptv veya androidtv box tüm cihazlarla %100 uyumlu 7 gün 24 saat canlı destek ve hd & ultra hd yayın kalitesi.
2011 Yılında buyana 9000 müşterimiz ile 6 yıllık tecrübemiz ve %100 müşteri memnuniyeti anlayışıyla hizmetinizdeyiz.
İptv almadan önce mutlaka bizimle iletişime geçin uzman personelimiz günün her saati size destek vermekten gurur duyacaktır.
Tüm müşterilerimizin kanalları 24 saatte bir güncellenmektedir önemli kanallar için birden çok ultra hd hd ve sd yayın olarak eklenmiştir.
%98 Mega Upload Garantili Kesitisiz donmadan ile iptv keyfini sürün.

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  1. Tv Deals says

    hi how do i get that particular skin onto my mag 256.
    All ive got is the basic skin that comes with the box..plz help

    1. star mw says

      After paying my year membership uou you blocked my mag ..why …you never answered my messages

  2. nizakat iqbal says

    are the folders part of the box? or is it an app that I need to download

  3. Farid El Hadmir says

    Bonjour combien l’abonnement iptv mag 256 merci

  4. shane tonks says

    hi im looking for resellers this might interest you
    im offering , quality iptv with panel, you can test, it is quality, with pay per view and catchup for bbc, itv, ch4, ch5,

    this is quality streams, we have been going for 4 years, we do not overload our servers, and we give the best after care you will find, quality streams means , better sales conversions after demos, also more repeat sales, using poor quality streams is false economy, you can have your own panel, and give as many 48 hour demos as you wish, sutible for mag and m3u,
    if you buy in blocks of 10 i can give more discount
    if you want a demo please ask
    these channels are good local streams thanks

    1. Motiv8 UkPatriot says

      I have just paid for an annual one the first 2 or 3 days it was ok now my epg won’t download i did mention it and they said leave your box switched on ( i do ) also it’s not always reliable and i wasn’t paying for the epg could you confirm the what he says

  5. zoltan gal says

    Stb emu pro its not work now what’s the reason?

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