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Install Exodus on Kodi 2017 Krypton

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This is a simple Guide on How to Install Exodus addon on Kodi 2017 Krypton, one of the most popular addons for Movies and TV Shows.

Link in video:

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  1. Old and Irrelevent Micheal Jordan meme says

    at 1:19 it simply will not let me open into the fusion

    1. George Lungu says

      Ben Thistleton i think you misstyped the url when added the source.

    2. Mike Abrams says

      happened to me you have to have miss typed the url happened to me lmao

    3. tanaira harris says

      George Lungu it won’t let me when I go to fusion it won’t let me pick kodi-respon it’s just blink

  2. bansheebandithot350 says

    Thanks ????

  3. LuDan Taquiqui says

    THANK U SIR! you’re the best

  4. Asia Stephenson says

    when i try to download exodus 3.0.0 it says “failed to install a dependency”


      >Open Kodi
      >Interface Settings
      >Click “Screensaver mode”
      >Select “None”
      Exodus should install now

    2. BrazziusS550 says

      i have done this step and it still says the same thing ” The dependency on script.module.metahandler version”. What else could i do? Thanks

  5. Rex H says

    Great video, thank you. However at 1:53 when I click “enable” my “open” icon goes away. I can still open Exodus in disabled mode but it does not save. What do I need to do? Thank you!!

  6. FT Fam//FlashbangThrower says

    I can’t press run on exodus

    1. George Lungu says

      its not necessary to run it from there. Enable it. Then navigate Home, Add-ons and run it from here.

  7. gamefreak974 says

    No, Thank you!

  8. Lazaro Franco says


  9. Gyke Tejada says

    It’s not a point bro, issa dot. Thanks tho

  10. Brier Marthey says

    When I try to click on the fusion zip file it just doesn’t work. Any ideas?

  11. Mahdi Chowdhury says

    it does let me open fusion file at 1:19

    1. George Lungu says

      Mahdi Chowdhury its just because you wrote the link incorrectly. or because you are not connected to internet. in the video description you may find the link, check if you wrote it like there

    2. Mahdi Chowdhury says

      Thank you i found the problem. I had to enable network sharing on my pc

  12. Pascual Martinez says

    says can not connect to repository

    1. George Lungu says

      Pascual Martinez typed the url incorrectly. add it one more time

    2. Pascual Martinez says

      If i install this will it affect any of the apps i already have like exodus?

  13. Slitherin Reptiles says

    hello, i cant press the “enable” button. the only available option is the “install” button. how do i enable the add-on?

  14. Retro Arcadezz says

    Thanks Ben really helpful I had Genesis but then I switched to xodus but didn’t know how to install on krypton

  15. Malcolm Rowe says

    Hi George, this is how my exodus on my firestick looks but still can’t get it to show any tv or movie, if i use my laptop then no problem can get films and TV shows

    1. George Lungu says

      Malcolm Rowe can you send me a short video or some photos on how it looks on your device at

    2. Malcolm Rowe says

      Hi George i’ve now tried installing 16.1 and Kodi 17, i have to install either via a network storage device (16.1) or apps2fire for 17 as when i do the tutorial and install ES explorer it just downloads a 28k hml file when i go to the Kodi web site and download arm and install it from the bottom right where you select more and open in bro, instaed of the install box i get es reader? And it just opens a word page with a load of code on there, installing from my smartphone it goes in, I can follow all your instructions but i never get any films, or tv shows, do you have an email I can send you a video to?

    3. George Lungu says
  16. Mark Depker says

    He needs to learn how to go slow when showing how to install it.

    1. George Lungu says

      I’m really sorry! Just tell me where are you stuck and i’ll help you.

  17. tanaira harris says

    I was spelling it wrong thanka

    1. George Lungu says

      tanaira harris thats the most common problem. glad that you figured out!!

  18. LittleBlueJimmy _ says

    it wont let me watch films or tv show they wont even show up

    1. George Lungu says

      LittleBlueJimmy _ do you see exodus in addons 》video addons

  19. Locke Beast says


  20. Greene0311 says

    When trying to install exodus it say
    “The dependency on
    script.module.metahandler version”
    I’ve turned the screensaver off and it still won’t work. Any suggestions?

    1. Greene0311 says

      Never mind I got it working but thanks

      1. Suri257 says

        I am getting the same script.module.metahandler version message. What did you do?

      2. dap1228 says

        Do you mind me asking how you got it working? I have the same issue

  21. Newbe says

    Greene0311 – How did you fix your “The dependency on
    script.module.metahandler version” problem.

    1. hae says

      I have the same question!

  22. Josh Leonard says

    How did you fix your “The dependency on
    script.module.metahandler version” problem.

  23. Ellie says

    I keep getting “the dependency on script.module.metahandler version message too! My firestick worked perfectly fine until about 1 week ago. Restored it to factory settings, now this??

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