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  1. Pet 0421 says

    Thank you! very easy to follow!!

    1. Sutram Latcheman says

      Pet 0421

  2. SuperSoulja68 says

    Is the quality better on the fire TV?

    1. Debi Honea says


  3. the brink says

    There’s no “new” option on mine

    1. Eric Acosta says

      i thought mine didn’t have it to but it does all the way at the bottom it has a +new

    2. DeeDee RN says

      No new option for me either. I don’t have it what do I do?

    3. Eric Acosta says

      DeeDee RN its in the middle all the way in the bottom

    4. DeeDee RN says

      Got it. Thank you so much.

  4. WD 40 says

    telling me fire TV doesn’t open links in browser… please advise

    1. WD 40 says

      nevermind… I got it to work somehow

    2. Joseph Peyton says

      im having the same problem. How did you get it to work?

    3. WD 40 says

      +Joseph Peyton I selected the other arm version, and smoked a bowl and gave it a minute.. really not sure what I did to make it work

    4. Jim Steinmetz says

      I was having the same problem. Under the Android, click on the first option “Arm” instead of the “Arm v7a (32bit)” like he does in the video. That worked for me. Hope it helps, and thanks to this channel for doing this!

  5. Leitya Harris says

    when I get to ARMv7abit it takes me to a file page…HELP ME PLEASE!!! lol

    1. Katy Notestine says

      I had the same problem, tried the 8 one below it and I can’t get it to work either. ­čÖü

    2. Katy Notestine says

      Try just clicking on the word ARM without all the letters and numbers. I did that, then went to the 3 dots on the bottom right …bro…step – sorry bad details, but the app installed.. now to see if it worked.

    3. La Rhonda says

      Katy Notestine thanks. I’m going to try that because I kept getting g a file page too.

  6. Menti Alboz says

    Thanks man. I installed it . Very good video . I had my old kodi version . I got the new one .

  7. Nathan Carter says

    Kodi Has Updated to Version RC4 so you will no longer see Beta Version , Instructions are the same, Everything will work the same.

    1. Luisa Rodr├şguez says

      Nathan Carter I only see This under ANDROID: Google Play, Nightly Build: ARMv7a (32bit), X86, ARMv8A (64bit). Which should I choose???? PLEASE HELP

    2. Shay Boo says

      Brianna La’Sha thanks so much it worked!!! you’re the best! ?

    3. Brianna La'Sha says

      tyshiaka williams I’m so sorry Tyshiaka. I’m actually not that great at trouble shooting. Check out Nathan’s new video! He said he made a brand new one for everyone having trouble!

    4. Brianna La'Sha says

      Shay Boo awesome! glad it helped!

    5. Brianna La'Sha says

      earthdogpj awesome! glad it helped!

  8. Brianna La'Sha says

    I dont have the hub wizard file option in the “begin here” folder.
    Any suggestions??

    1. shawn davis says

      The same thing happened to me. Have you found a way around it.

    2. Stephanie Russell says

      @Brianna La’Sha thanks so much! I was stuck at this point to, but followed your directions verbatim and it all works now. You’re awesome!

    3. NiCole Sky says

      Brianna La’Sha You’re a freaking life saver! IT WORKS!! THANK YOU!!!

    4. Laquita Bryant says

      the began here file want pop-up

    5. Brett McNeil says

      Nicely done, Brianna!

  9. Leah Pardo says

    In the instal from zip file section we don’t have the hub wizard file, just what do we do?

    1. Sandra Smith says

      brian davis d

    2. TheEvolvingMe says

      Cali_Tony187 Thanks!

    3. Keith Wallace says

      Leah Pardo

    4. ruben tovar says

      Leah Pardo

  10. Andre Wilson says

    When I get to the install page and then try to install it it won’t install it just says app not installed

    1. Garrett Small says

      Same here. I don’t know what to do and am looking for answers. For now I am going to try to redownload and reinstall.

    2. Maria Rojas says

      Andre Wilson try going to settings > applications and turn off the app history or something like that. you’ll know what it is when you see it. sorry I’m useless I’m having a brain fart. lol.

  11. Nathan Carter says

    Go to My Channel to Check Out My New Updated Kodi Install Video!

    1. Clive Glover says

      Nathan Carter

    2. Johnboy Cappel says

      Nathan Carter

    3. James Carathers says

      Nathan Carter

    4. Pete Tarazon says

      Good fellas is not working just buffering

    5. Kelvin Walker says

      Nathan Carter

  12. Myrdoc says

    Is this legal? Will the FCC or some politician or government entity find some way to shut KODI down?

  13. Elayne Rodriguez says

    It says failed to install when I would click hub wizard…

  14. Mark Dennard says

    loved it… tried other vids that did NOT work. awesome vid bro.

  15. Saxman says

    I had to improvise at one stage but great video! Thanks!

  16. Alisha Francis says

    I don’t have the option to choose beta 32 bit. I have options for nightly 32 bit

  17. regina vinson says

    my es exploer do not have an add…these firesticks all are different

  18. Brenda Terry says

    Thanks for your help! Great Job!

  19. J. Ryan Landry says

    No con fig wiz for me???!!!

  20. Caleb Ayscue says

    I was wondering why once in Exodus it takes forever to search and find movies/tv shows? Once I find what I want to watch then everything works great. No buffering or anything while watching.

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