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How to fix failed to install a Dependency error in Kodi

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This video shows how to fix dependencies error in Kodi. This may happen when you install any addons or repos. This happened to me after i have reset the kodi. you need kodi log viewer.

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  1. Winter Blues says

    Thanks this has helped me a lot. Merry Christmas

    1. ourhometech says

      Glad to help you. Merry Christmas and Happy new Year. Don#t forget to subscribe and share.

  2. Amin Jmil says

    Thanks so much, spent 2 days trying to install specto on the beta version of Krypton. This has sorted me out!

    1. ourhometech says

      +Amin Jmil great mate. Good to hear…

  3. Carrie Tortorella says

    Thank you! Thank you! This worked! Happy New Year!

    1. ourhometech says

      +Carrie Tortorella Happy new year. Please subscribe and Share

  4. Rudar Dassaur says

    mine says can’t ope Dev/input (errno=13)

    1. ourhometech says

      +Rudar Dassaur not sure mate… May be re install Kodi…

  5. Skandisk says

    Perfect. Just perfect fix for this problem. Cheers and Happy New Year! (>‿◠)✌

    1. ourhometech says

      +Skandisk Glad to Help mate. Happy New Year. Please Subscribe and Share.

  6. Dwayne S says

    I must have watched five other videos before I found your video that clearly explains how to fix the problem. Thank you very much for your time and information. You helped me solve a problem where I could not download the Goodfellas addon because I needed the natko1412 addon first. Cheers mate!

    1. ourhometech says

      +Dwayne S wow Thank You so much for the kind words. Please subscribe and share…

    2. Dwayne S says

      ourhometech I definitely will. One thing that I did differently was I did not download the needed addon dependency from Google. I just made a YouTube search for that dependency and easily found a video explaining how to get the 1412 addon which I installed from the Kodi itself. Then I went and tried to install the Goodfellas addon and it worked perfect.

    3. ourhometech says

      Cool. We all learn together… Thank you.

    4. Valeska Ridwan says

      Dwayne S Dwayne, I have problem my self downloading goodfellas addon would you tell me how you do that, please.

  7. Zack Kates says

    Thank u very very much

    1. ourhometech says

      +Zack Kates glad yo help

  8. Matt L says

    the dependency didnt install automatically.

    1. ourhometech says

      +Matt L yes mate. You need to manually install it.

    2. Matt L says

      I followed the steps but when you clicked on the downloaded dependency it automatically installed. For me in go into the file.

    3. ourhometech says

      Did you download the dependency manually…

    4. Matt L says

      ok so i installed it. it said it was enabled but when i went to download pro sport it said failed to install a dependency. i got fusion set up too

    5. ourhometech says

      I believe you may have another dependency that needs downloading…. Check the logs… If all fails re install kodi mate..

  9. freesp says

    uninstall kodi, clearn registry and reinstall kodi that will do it.

    1. ourhometech says

      +freesp that’s the final step , if nothing work…

  10. S R-E says

    thank you .. worked great

    1. ourhometech says

      +S R-E Glad to hear…

  11. David Padilla says

    thank you, worked perfectly

    1. ourhometech says

      +David Padilla cheers mate. Please subscribe for more…

  12. Lydia Gyau says

    Thank you.

    1. ourhometech says

      +Lydia Gyau Glad to help. Please subscribe and share

  13. arvind padhiar says

    Hi can you tell me how to find module ? I try to install Playlist Loader addon and keep getting dependency ,message?

    1. ourhometech says

      +arvind padhiar make a note of the dependency you needed.

    2. arvind padhiar says

      where to look for this one; i have Pulse build.16.1 jarvise please

  14. Jefferson Gutierritos says

    When I try to install the Log Viewer repository, it fails :/ and the dowload doesn’t move from 0%

    1. ourhometech says

      Not had that problem before… Anyone please comment..

  15. Gene Ket says

    Sweet!!! you the best, Thank you!!

    1. ourhometech says

      Thank you. Please subscribe for more..

  16. Kevin Robinson says

    How do I google the failed dependcy in an Android TV box? I dont use a PC for Kodi.

    1. ourhometech says

      If you use Android Use your Browser. Use a PC to download the dependency and move it to Fire TV via ES explorer.

    2. ourhometech says

      +Kevin Robinson did you get it sorted by using the internet web browser on your box

    3. Kevin Robinson says

      Thanks for the follow up! I am not familiar with ES explorer, but will try to download the dependency on my android tv box, then load to Kodi. Where/how should I save the dependency info on my android box?

    4. ourhometech says

      It should download to your download folder.

  17. Vidhu Villangot says

    Hi can i tell me how to remove failed to install dependency when i add on

    1. ourhometech says

      Vidhu Villangot you need to install the necessary dependencies..

    2. Vidhu Villangot says

      How should i do that can pls guide me for doing malayalam tv channels

    3. Vidhu Villangot says

      I am using mxq

  18. Brian Guzman says

    wow thanks dude, finally got a video that works, I searched everywhere and finally got it

    1. ourhometech says

      Brian Guzman Glad to help you bro. please subscribe and share on social Media..

  19. Ty Gill says

    Thank you sooooo much! I almost gave up on installing Exodus, but after downloading the 3 missing dependency files, I am now up and running. You are awesome. Thank you for taking the time to make this

    1. ourhometech says

      Ty Gill Thank you for your kind words. smah the like button and subscribe for more…

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