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How to Check KODI log file ERROR xbmc kodi 2016

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How to Check KODI log file ERROR xbmc kodi 2016
We all have seen the “One or more items failed to play. Check the log for details” error message. But where’s the log and how can i check it? In this guide we’ll show you two ways to check Kodi’s log file for errors.

Kodi’s log file can give us a hint of what’s going on, you don’t need to fully understand it but it’s a good starting point when identifying failing addons or asking for help in forums. Remember to check the log file as soon as the error happens, Kodi events are constantly being written to this file so the longer you wait the more difficult it’ll be to identify the error.

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  1. Jiji Solomon says

    My log is blank…………??

    1. Tewan Coleman says

      Jiji Solomon mine too

    2. Sandra Statner says

      Tewan Coleman mine too

    3. Rob B says

      The LOG can NOT be clicked on! It’s DEAD.

    4. Rob B says

      The LOG can NOT be clicked on! It’s DEAD.

  2. Stephen Sinclair says

    hi good instructions it’s coming up Brazilian xbmc add on failed can u help me please.

    1. Antonio De Sousa says

      Stephen Sinclair Kodi

    2. Stephen Sinclair says

      Antonio De Sousa??? what

  3. ClosetPopaholic Wojahn says

    No help at all…What does it mean by Log Error??? Looking at the one you downloaded did not explain it??

  4. Giovona Ralphs says

    help i cant get my 123 movies to play and its my dads rbox he is gonna flip

  5. keston sutherland says

    Gail I did what you said on your video and still getting error

  6. antwanboyd1 says

    Thank you for showing how to find the log, however, it does answer the question of how to fix it.

  7. Stranger Danger says

    Ok so I see the log, but how do I fix it still can’t watch my movie

  8. Mona Mee says

    i have kodi but all my thumbnail disapeared can u help pls

  9. Mark Davies says

    Apollo group always says check log in for more info or all slot are finished. any way I can fix this pls ?

  10. John Toldi says

    OK … Now that was a big wasted time,…we know that there is a problem when an error pops up but How do I fix it?

    1. freetv says

      John Toldi u can’t fix. Only developer can fix issues.

  11. Tom Joram Vitor says

    installation failed

  12. Jim Racich says

    Ok, so I found the Kodi Log Viewer so nowb what do I do with it. How to fix it it or delete and correct it so I can watch my X rated videos etc.

  13. Lovinit says

    FreeTv – Awesome clips. Can you tell me what these errors mean and hiw to fix them ?

    1. Lovinit says

      I continue to get error “T:560 WARNING CWin32DirectSound: Getspace-Buffer underrun …….

  14. Courtney Weaver says

    How do i solve a unsupported protocol (script) error?

  15. m. Bucko says

    Mine says erro and warning a lot how do you address this matter or do I have delete kodi and download it again ?

  16. solargutt 515 says

    Big waste of tyme bro!

    1. solargutt 515 says

      Well you gotta think? Alot of people r thinking this is how to solve the problem…like I’m serious.

    2. freetv says

      solargutt 515 only developer can fix the issue. Haha. We r not. Any way. Sorry if I waist ur time my man.

    3. solargutt 515 says

      It’s good bro!

    4. TheXclusiveRican says

      freetv why would u even waste ur time… I don’t get it. time to grow up Bro.

  17. Detroitsown MC says

    what a BS vedio …

  18. Jrb Britt says

    i tried to install and it failed?

  19. Mauricio R Calixto Ch says

    Today, Kodi don´t is possible see addons video “Error log”. What is your recomendation.

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