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kodi iptv

What IPTV service to buy and how to buy. There are many iptv service out there but not all are same and some work better than other and depending on what you are looking for make a big difference. Some service have many channel but have
freezing issues or many channel do not work all the time and other specialize international channels so before you buy please look at all the options !

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  1. Barry Ward says

    Where to get those Android boxes (EM92 and EM 95X

    1. animals funny says

      i just bought 1 year iptv form this website
      they send me a link via email. but i don’t know how to use it with my smarttv.

  2. pancho villa says

    how much is the service a month or a whole year I got a MAG 254

    1. peter black says

      you should never buy a year from any iptv provider because you ever know if there going to be around that long and there service may change to better or worse !!!

    2. pancho villa says

      how much 4 service a month

    3. animals funny says

      i just bought 1 year iptv form this website
      they send me a link via email. but i don’t know how to use it with my smarttv.

  3. Ken Mcmaster says


  4. Ken Mcmaster says


  5. Generalturbo says

    Ok I’m a new Mag 254 owner and I need to know the best IPTV service provider to buy from that’s safe and best to use.. I tried a 24 hour Trail from Lite IPTV and not sure if they are a scam or not! Any help??? Always prefer to use PayPal also safe for me purchasing from these companies..

    Any help on the Companies to try would be great. I live in the Bahamas so I like U.S channels etc

    1. peter black says

      First you should be not bot a Mag box because it very limited and over priced and had a fixed mac address that you can not change . as per service this is real depends on what you are looking for ? All iptv service have channel that do not work all he time and there is some service that are better than other and a 24hr trial does not really give you a good idea of how well the service work the best is to buy a 1 month and try different service to see how well the work and then pick the one you like best this way you have a chance to see how it work .

  6. Kamran S Sadiq says

    where can i get Norwegian Chanel service?

  7. keri toodle says

    Have U ever heard of Jodi 16.1? Am new to IPTV. Hoping it can save me money from satellite

  8. Alassane Kone says

    lol dont call me saying it dont work. Well said P! Because they dont really care. They have others things to do.

  9. hghershey says

    Hi. Which one is good for Caribbean channels?

  10. ouchene ilyes says

    i bye subcreption on this site is fast i good ­čśÇ

    1. ULTRA IPTV says

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