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FREE Premium IPTV Channels 2018

AMAZING FREE Premium IPTV Channels for Live TV & Sports Firestick & Android CableTV M3U APK 2018

Hey guys welcome back in this video I’m gonna be showing you how you can find m3u playlists on the internet and then access them on all your devices now for the people that don’t know m3u playlists are basically just plain text files which contain shortcuts or links to online streaming audio and video content now if you purchase paid IPTV the vendor can give you that via an m3 playlist so and people are known to share these lists online so in theory it is possible to find premium paid IPTV m3u playlists and access more your devices so today I’ll be showing you how you can do that but before I start I did mention in my last video that the first five people to leave the comment TDU k you’re on fire I’ll give you mention in my next video so all of the names you can see in the screen right now I was trying to give a shout out to and say thanks make sure you watch this video to the end to find out how you can feature in my next video so it all of that being said let’s get started so guys let me show you two different ways you can find m3u playlists on the internet and then users to access free IPTV so the first one is called pastebin so when you get to the site just go to the search and type into m3u and then press Enter now this is basically a search its entire database of any files that contain those three letters m3u so you have to appreciate that especially if it’s a paid IPTV list those lists are not gonna be online forever so either the vendor is gonna change the password or is this gonna start working so I like to do with the results is is basically changes so it’s not sorted out by relevance it’s sorted out by date this means only the newest stuff will come right at the top okay so here we have so couple of random things here okay so here we can see like TV channels m3s let’s click on that and we can see this has already been removed so maybe somebody reported this let’s go back again okay let’s try okay here we have one so you’ve got this streaming let’s click on that again here you can basically see we have a bunch of links to lots of different channels we can see there’s some Italian channels we call some sky cinema and the format normally is this is the address of the service and here you got the credentials and probably the password so the way we use this list now is we need to download there so the way we do that so we click on download funnily enough let’s click on that he said unit download this fall so that the fall name is this we need to basically rename it to dot m3u so our streaming application like VLC or like perfect player or if you can bring this into a free flicks HQ it needs to be in that format so after downloading I will rename this faults who taught him through you let me just save that and here is the fall guys and as previously mentioned these are just plain text files so if I just look at this in notepad we can see all of the channels at this particular link is gonna contain obviously there’s no guarantee it’s gonna work but lets us try it so as many I’m gonna rename this file to m3 you okay so now tune m3u former I’m now able to open this in VLC so let me just do that now has VLC let me just drag in that playlist and we see I starts working straight to it let’s stop that a second ok so here’s all the channels so let’s see what’s working let us try Sky Sports 1 HD so what you find let’s stop that let’s try heroes both HD looking good so you can see how easy is guys so you are able to find this content yourself online and then either important to VLC feeding this on a computer or if you are doing this on a fire stake or an Android device you could import this into perfect player let’s try some other channels quickly you got some premium channels here that’s working fine this is try to more quickly uh destroy cinema 24 you can see guys not only are they working now she’s working literally instantly so this is try Fox HD looking good and then lastly destroy Fox Sports HD let’s stop that okay so now we know we have a working playlist how can I now use this in an apply for example perfect player or free flicks HQ and the way we do that is if you click on raw this will basically give you a direct link to the content of that foil and guys just a quick tip just to minimize how much typing you’d have to do once you do get your long raw URL you’ve used open up a new tab two bit ly and then haste in that long URLs first copy doubt and let’s paste it in hell so we can now use this short URL so instead of us trapping in this longer address here in any application like free flakes or perfect player or VLC we can just use this new short address just to make it that’d be easier okay so here we are back in free fix HQ let me show you how you can now add in that custom m3u playlist that we just found so just navigate to the top left and go to live TV now go to my imports now just go to the plus icon on the top right this will allow us to enter in the new short URL that we just created so let’s click here let’s type the address in okay so there’s the short address we previously generated so let’s type that in and click on next okay we can give this playlist two names let’s call it let’s call it TD UK because we like that let’s call it 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ok let’s click on next ok so now click on add ok so now that the new custom playlist is I did if we just go on to that click on it the 3 buttons next to it let’s click on that and let’s click on open this will basically download the playlist into your free forex HQ and do a refresh of those channels and here we can see all of those channels there ok we can see we’ve got 787 channels these ones are not in a particular group sometimes when you get m3 playlists they’ll also be grouped by country or genre or cut it but this particular playlist that we found doesn’t have those categories but there’s a sieve stuff is still working in here so let’s destroy sky cinema one that’s working great that’s a full HD picture let’s back up there let’s try Fox HD cut it’s not the HD picture let’s back up there let’s try la7 HD wherever that is okay looking good let’s back out of that and lastly let’s try Sky Sports f1 HD that’s working awesome so really guys I mean how good is that literally just take two minutes go onto the internet find m3 you playlist test it out make sure it works on VLC or whichever method you want bring it into pre flakes or bring into your apk and you can now access those premium channels online for free right if there’s anybody still watching my video at this stage I want you to do the comment below TD UK let’s hang out and the first five people to do that I’ll give you a shout-out in my next video so let’s do that let me show you how I can access that also via perfect players so let me just start perfect player okay let’s press the options key and go to settings so in the general settings where you have the address for your playlist you can basically edit this one here which was previously messing about with okay let’s type in a short URL and let’s click on next let’s give that a name but this is okay let’s click on next and click on OK now when you press back a few times back again this will now force a refresh of that playlist and download all of those channels as we can see again we’ve got 787 channel say we’ve just literally found in the last few minutes so as quickly try somebody just to show they are working so let’s just try and just a gentle reminder guys if you are finding these videos use hoodoo hit that thumbs up and please subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest apks the latest builds and the latest add-ons thanks cinema hits HD working fine it’s full HD there let’s try Fox comedy HD it’s working fine it’s not the HD channel let’s try blaze HD I mean we would approve guys that these are working because we just tried it in free fix HQ but I just want to show you just so you can understand that whether you’re doing it from perfect player or from VLC everything’s gonna work and it’s gonna work absolutely fine that’s it guys I hope you find that video useful give me a thumbs up if you did comment below let me know if this worked for you and please subscribe for more content thanks again for watching guys oh and if you’re interested in VPN you click on that link on the bottom left you’ll get a great 46 percent discount if you are worried about your privacy and you want to stay safe online I do recommend you check out our VPN thanks again guys see you on the next one

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