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Free IPTV channels Kodi

Watch 1000 Free IPTV channels Kodi May 2017

Hey guys Techdoctor here and today’s video is all about IPTV now for the people that don’t know IPTV allows you to watch channels from around the globe on your computer without using any TV aerial or satellite dish now this I don’t I’ve got four Kodi gives you access to nearly 1000 channels from around the world and it works perfectly fine on Kody as well as Kodi 16 so with that being said let’s get started let me give you guys a quick overview of the add-on then I’ll give you the exact steps you need to follow to install it now when you first start the add-on this is what you will see now don’t get put off that it’s not in English the menu is actually very very easy to navigate once you know what’s what so if we basically look at this as like the main menu this opportunity is for some special event IPTV channels this is some localized Porto Rican channels now the chocolaty V this is basically the main IPTV list now if we go into this we can see on the top left we have 850 global IP TV channels for us to watch now pretty much out now I’ve tried it just worked so let us start from the top so let’s say for example you want to see let’s start with some DIY Network HD let’s try that okay that starts working pretty much straight away let’s stop that okay so let’s look for some Food Network HD okay looking good and let’s stop that and let’s try some more international type channel let’s look at some sports actually see if we can get some Sky Sports working fantastic works way up straight away until it stopped that now people do ask me regularly like you know which free IPTV I do not recommend because as we know there are lots of paid IPTV add-ons out there and there’s not that many free but definitely not the ones I’ve tried with your free I would say this one I’m mentioning today it’s really really good just because there’s such a large variety of channels and pretty much everything now tried all seems to work now obviously with everything that’s free we know any time the service could stop there could be some service interruption or something else could you know stop working but definitely for the here and now why I’ve seen today it’s working really well and I want to share with you guys so you can experience the same thing okay so let’s try some other channels from around the world let’s go look for some nice I think you some Cajun channels survive now you guys will be very relieved at six Bella okay working good let us try two more so let’s go for tennis channel HD okay looking good let’s go for MSG HD wherever those some basketballer so really is everything just working because the UFC there really impressive guy is like just pretty much everything you want to watch it works and it looks really fast so I’m definitely impressed and happy with this add-on and guys if you do find this video useful I would appreciate a like thank you okay so to install this add-on the first thing we want to do inside of curly is go to the system which is this cog wheel up here let’s click on that in fact it omits click on file manager we want to add a source and your dress for the source is canine 11 latina Pio com4 slash repo I also have a copy of this link in the description let’s click on ok let’s give that a name let’s call it k 9 1 1 so it’s actually two things we need to need that the k 9 11 add-on and we also need the F 4 M tests are done and to get that add-on if we add another source and your dress for that source is fusion dot TV add-ons dodgy let’s click on OK let’s give that a name just call that dot fusion and click on OK ok back up one back again now let’s click on add-ons inside adults let’s click on this box icon at the top let’s do install from zip file ok choose a repository let’s let’s do the F form tester first let’s click on fusion click on Cody repos English and the repo you looking for view scroll to the bottom its repository dot Shawnee – two point two point nine dollars if let’s click on that and wait for the message pop up okay so that repository is now I did so we can go into that repository the Shaunie’s repository video add-ons and the F for M tester let’s click on that now and click install ok so we can select that one which is latest one okay that says that’s now installed ok so if we go back up one back to the box icon next we will install the actual IPTV add-on so let’s go back to that once again install from zip file and let’s do the canine 11 repository let’s click on that and click on the Latino PR repository door zip ok so let’s wait for that message ok so they say the repository has been installed so now we wanna install from repository choose the k-9 11 repository video add-ons k-9 11 and now let’s click on install ok that starts the download should take a few seconds only in case it’s got some other items I need to install in which you’ll do for you automatically ok that says that I don’t is now installed now to launch it we just go back up one and now we have this two add-ons so you’d have to start Ephram tester manually this I don’t basically use it as and when it needs so when you start that and we’re back to the familiar home screen and this will click on one channel just for just for luck let’s click on now let’s get down some and lets us choose a history HD okay that’s all working fine that’s it guys I hope you find that add-on useful if you did leave me a like also comment below and let me know if it worked for you and I’ll hopefully see you guys on the next one oh and if you haven’t subscribed do you think about subscribing because I will be doing more Kodi add-on and build reviews very soon that’s it and I hope you see you guys on the next one thanks you

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