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Kodi tv addons


Hey everyone it is back out favorite video addon and now from multi pal sources,.

Source for Video Addon:

Try this new Source:

Manual Download for Exodus Repo:

Manual Download for TVaddon resolver:

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  1. nicholas broughton says

    getting the same thing can not connect to repository an ideas? is it just traffic crashed it?

    1. nicholas broughton says

      I cleared my kodi data :/

    2. kevin shaw says

      nicholas broughton source works,just try a couple of times or check for any mistakes..?

    3. Naresh Lal says

      can you please try it again i have just checked it all again and working good at my end

    4. nicholas broughton says

      Naresh Lal I just cleared my data I’m able to install the exodus repo successfully and the tva repo but when I click on exodus repo same message can not connect to repository.

    5. Sierra Socal says

      its not working for me either. It says “cannot connect to repository”

  2. Joi F says

    does this mean I cannot use with 17?

  3. Nye Soares says

    Mine is saying “Could not connect to repository” Can you help?

    1. xfightx11 says

      Chris Boyd lier

    2. Deanna Horton says

      Nye Soares same here!!

    3. Deanna Horton says

      dis the smash link but when I go to install from zip file there’s nothing to click on.. It’s just shows dots.. wtf!!!

    4. Anonymous says

      does not work

    5. Michael Belisle says

      can you use the new covenant addon

  4. Ethan Peters says

    which f4mtester do I download?

  5. Nicky Ramchandani says

    you da man! Got my exodus working. My wife is happy again.

    1. Naresh Lal says

      You are most Welcome, if you don’t mind me asking are you sindhi?

    2. Nicky Ramchandani says

      Naresh Lal yes I am

    3. Naresh Lal says

      Alright I am Sindhi

    4. Nicky Ramchandani says

      That is great.

    5. Fonta High says

      Naresh, what do we do if we can’t connect to repository??

  6. thea donald says

    what 16.1 Jarvis do you have it for that also ?

    1. thea donald says

      Anyone I just want to be able to use my Kodi to watch movies

    2. Naresh Lal says

      You can follow this video and you Will get two add-on salt and exodus but have to make you old exodus repo is not there

    3. Naresh Lal says

      Or performance fresh Kodi install process

    4. thea donald says

      Ok thanks

    5. thea donald says

      download it and installed it but when I try to watch a movie or a show it keeps telling me error check the log for more information

  7. Sam Watkins says

    thanks man i subed to you

  8. Elfuego 651 says

    another great video awesome, you’re the man keep up the good work and videos

  9. Kay Cubbin says

    hi there I have followed the video but when It get a to the part about clicking on exodus repository it says ‘could not open repository can you please help?

    1. Kay Cubbin says

      Declan Henderson not had no reply yet but I used another video alot shorter, quicker and it worked without any issue

    2. Kita S says

      Kay Cubbin, Hi, It didn’t work for me either. Could you please tell me what video that you watched? I’m in need.

    3. Fonta High says

      I had the same problem. What other video Kay Cubbin?

    4. Queen Clark says

      Kay Cubbin what video did you use

    5. Kay Cubbin says

      Queen Clark it was a video by Franklin ogbanna. how to get exodus the easy way 17.3

  10. Angelic Faithh says

    Mine says could not connect from repository

  11. Cyndee DeesffvvvxzKkv says

    I did everything correct but when i go to add from repository it says it cannot connect. Help, i am very sad!!!

    1. Tea. says


  12. DopeGang Mafia says

    This one still works. Only issue i have is that it asks me to pair it every 4 hours

  13. Annette Nieto says

    where yours says kodi..mine says my gica , dies that matter?

  14. Sarah Allison says

    Once I get to install zip, there is nothing under the file??? HELP

  15. Jacob Flores says

    what if still says “could not connect to repository” PLEASE HELP!!!!

  16. Steven Cooley says

    Do you know how to contact the people who are running the new Exdous addon I need ask them something

  17. Courtney Cox says

    Could not connect to repository. Fail ??

  18. Justin Strange says

    how do you get to that Kodi page? I can’t find this home page or setting page I only see where the movies are

  19. mohd farid family says

    cannot addons

  20. Alli May says

    he made your computer a bomb.

    1. Naresh Lal says

      excuse me!

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