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  1. Erock 1500 says

    Nathan, great videos much appreciated. Question, I have the new firestick and I used your video to jailbreak it. Twice now, when I go to use it, all the movies are gone. I have to reboot the stick to the original default settings then start the entire process again. Is this common?

    1. Nathan Carter says

      not common. try deleting everything and start from scratch

    2. Erock 1500 says

      Nathan Carter ok. I did that twice I’ll do it again.

    3. Nathan Carter says

      make sure it clears all the data or uninstall kodi completely and re try

    4. Erock 1500 says

      excellent thanks.

  2. Ryan Kennedy says

    Getting a 2.0 error on startup of goodfellas

    1. Nathan Carter says

      close and re open

    2. Ryan Kennedy says

      Nathan Carter I’ve restarted the fire stick twice and same error appears

    3. Nathan Carter says

      you will have to remove the add and re add. it will most likely fix it.

    4. Ryan Kennedy says


    5. Ryan Kennedy says

      No dice

  3. Premo Banks says

    Wasup Nathan I watch ur video and greatly appreciate the time u take for the updates. I have Goodfellas now so do I uninstall or select update cause im not able 2 watch all channels when I select them. and all why do it take everything so long when selecting options. Is it because I have a lot of add-ons is the reason why it loads slow….. my internet speed is good. is you can help greatly appreciate it.

    1. Premo Banks says

      do I need 2 wipe firestick like it was just brought and start over again

    2. Premo Banks says

      Nathan Carter thanks will do tonight wen I get home…. and hit u back

    3. Premo Banks says

      so I just installed hard nox bilud…. goodfellas isn’t on there wats next move

    4. Premo Banks says

      Ight I found Goodfella in my add-ons…… now having buffing issues and I went 2 sweet list doesn’t have all channels……

  4. Cassandra Little says

    hello again Nathan! I thought u had a video on how to get exodus to work bttr. I saved it in my watch later and now it’s gone. can u direct me to it again plz! ty Nathan! ?hav a gudnite!

    1. Nathan Carter says

      its called run kodi like Netflix on my channel.

  5. Courtney Holmes says

    Hiii, is anyone else getting the “Urgent” Addons 17.3 update message for Kodi? Is it legit or scam?

    1. Robby Sang says

      You should update as it will restore several services.

  6. maceo prater says

    mines won’t download

    1. Anna Tennyson says

      neither will MINES

  7. Shay GlamQueen says

    after I go to good fellas in install from zip file there’s no option for goodfellas. there’s only those two dots

    1. Msjordnz says

      Shay GlamQueen me too

    2. snappybones says

      Shay GlamQueen goodfellas was down. Now its up but you need the f4mtester which tvaddons had and seeing as that is gone it wont work and i cant find a solution

  8. Not Your Average Vegan says

    Nothing comes up in the zip file

    1. Gil Heimer says

      Same for me

  9. Jenny Santiago says

    I chose shanis addon but it said it could not connect to repository. so it does not let me get any channels because I need the f4m install

    1. alex thomas says

      im having that same issue is there a fix

    2. Roger Arango says

      have you found the solution?

    3. Elizabeth Picon says


    4. Cali Rose says

      Eclipse Static where do i go to download that? is it an add on?

  10. Richard Bertrand says

    Shaunis will not open ( could not connect to repository ) now what

  11. angie elliott says

    I’m stuck at the Shanis repository. I got everything done until then. When I try to click on shanis repository it says “could not connect to repository. Help please

    1. tractine cooper says

      Me to up to here it’s not working

    2. Jonathan Reagor says

      angie elliott same here

  12. BoogyWoogyCreep says

    Skip the first 6:47 worth of gum flapping to get to the install.

  13. Buford Keeney says

    did everything you said but F4mtester will not install

  14. Cali Rose says

    when i click shani it says could not connect repository

  15. Luis Rivera Jr says

    I was just informed of the new builds and the addon Goodfellas 2.0. I wanted to know if I could get Titanium and Goodfellas.. or would it interfere with each other?

    1. Nathan Carter says

      you can install it, it wont interfere

  16. TruthFan says

    I have it on my Diggz build but certain channels don’t work.

  17. Gary Croson says

    to get the new f4m tester that is required you needto go to the maverick app download

  18. Ann Hirschfeld says

    Goodfellas add-on keeps giving me an error from the zip file. Is it still working?

  19. MrKnothead63 says

    Terrarium TV rocks.  Use MX player if you use it. I got rid of Kodi completely

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